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Overheard at the alms-house

Just earlier I had lunch at my new favorite alms-house in the City - much friendlier and more comfortable (and less crowded) than Glide or St. Anthony’s in the Tenderloin. Across from me sat two gentleman, a gay couple, I believe, or just two friends, approaching their twilight years - both elders and one of them at least hard of hearing. They were kind of like Statler & Waldorf from the The Muppet Show as a gay couple: quite funny. I overheard the following exchange:

A [Man One]: My favorite place for breakfast is a little Salvadoran place, it’s as cheap as [name I didn’t catch], and that’s saying a lot, because [name again] is really cheap.

B [Man Two]: What’s the address? Or what’s it called?

A: For $4.95 you get a big plate of scrambled eggs with vegetables, “huevos picados,” plus beans…..

B: What’s it called?

A: ….fried plantains, your choice of fruit, you can have pineapple or mango, I love the fresh pineapple….

B: Where’s this place located?

A: …or you can get it with yuca frita, that’s fried yucca, or you can get it with sweet cream….


A: ….all of that, and tortillas, for just $4.95. It’s really a beautiful bargain.

B: Just $4.95, you say? Is that only during breakfast hours?

A: It’s right near the corner of 23rd and Mission, next to the Bank of America. 

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